Andrew Farmer - Graphic Design is my digital graphics design company. I specialize in logos, t-shirt designs, posters, book covers, album covers, and booklets, as well as headers for your website or store. Proudly serving the greater Memphis and surrounding areas. ​​
Pricing differs depending on the type of project. The minimum price for any single project is $50. For an exact quote, please visit the 'Contact' page and send me your project details. I will then send you an exact quote for the cost of your project.

How I Got Started
Since a young age, I've had a desire to create things. Whether that was with my LEGO bricks, Thomas the Tank Engine, or with Minecraft blocks. I have always had an eye for detail. Almost 9 years ago, my dad showed me a fun and easy tool in Photoshop: the lasso. 
Below is the first image I ever photoshopped (I was eleven at the time):

Head swap was first, lightsabers came second. If you were wondering.

Since then, I've honed my skills, and gotten better at my craft.
Below is one of my latest photoshopped image:

Definitely better than Batman & Robin running in the street with lightsabers, right?

"Why would I want to work with you?"
I strive to be great rather than perfect. A perfectionist's mind can be likened to a box, leaving no room for opinions or more insightful creative thinking. I don't want to be that way. I want to hold it close, but never hold it back. Executing your vision, no matter how simple or complex it may be. 
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